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Sal Eco_friendly SP543 55mm Venus The new line of brushes ECO friendly which allow to eliminte the sleeking plate "dry and sleek in half time" 1. Venus is the new line of brushes formulate by the R & D of SAL suitable for all kinds of hair and for all styles. 2. Natural bristol carefully massage the scalp, revitilizing the bulb which helps the re-growth. 3. The alluminum place allow to obtain a perfect sleeking of the hair. They develop an antistatis action; perfect combling. It eliminates the use of sleeking plate which stress and damage the hair. 4. The ergonomic handle studied for a long time use, makes the use easy and reduces the tiredess of the hands. How to use Wash the hair and then dab the hair to take off surplus water. Take a lock of hair, around to thirds the width of the brush and proceed to roll the lock through the bristles to aid the drying process. When the lock goes onto the plates it is then sleeked.

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